Campaigning for “internationally recognized human rights for all..”

News that Amnesty International (NI) are seeking an accomodation with NI Catholic bishops in order to be allowed to organise in schools within the Catholic Maintained sector would appear to call into question whether the organisation is still interested in campaigning for “internationally recognized human rights for all..” What it says about Amnesty NI’s campaign for a ‘Bill of Rights’ in Northern Ireland is anyone’s guess. From the RTÉ report.

Patrick Corrigan, Director of Amnesty International in Northern Ireland, said he would be happy if the Catholic bishops were to signal to their schools that they could re-join on the basis that they would not support abortion.

But a Church source said the bishops also needed reassurances that money collected in the schools would not be spent on supporting abortion.

Mr Corrigan responded that it may be possible to develop its model of collecting money for trusts in order to provide that reassurance. But he said further talks are needed to explore that possibility.

Despite the efforts of Members in our Legislative Assembly termination of a pregnancy is legally available here in some circumstances – they’re just arguing about the guidelines for those circumstances.