There were eight in the bed and the little one said

This one sounds comical and serious (it is both) but there is another message in it. A teacher from London has been charged with dangerous driving after having been stopped with 13 people in his Volvo.

Clearly this was a very silly thing to do let alone dangerous. Although it grossly overstates the case, there is, however, another issue hiding in here which might be worth a brief debate. Most of us will remember being piled into cars as children. It was considered perfectly reasonable to have four people in the back of a family car. Now the maximum unless one has a people carrier, 4×4 or estate with three rows of seats is three in the back and two in the front. Hence, if someone has three children and wants to bring say Granny it is no longer possible without larger cars which of course produce more pollution. Whilst there are quite economical people carriers and indeed safety in cars is important one cannot help wondering whether or not a law of unintended consequences is in play here. Any thoughts?