Queen’s 100th Birthday Honours

Occasionally people have been accused of showing off on this web site by mentioning their university education. I am afraid I went to university; there I worked far too hard and my only real leisure activity was being a QUB unionist and annoying the Student’s Union Executive (ah those were the days, sitting with the likes of Peter Weir in Cloisters dreaming up questions for the SU executive). To paraphrase Bob Dylan: The times they have a changed.

During my time at that moderately august institution they got rid of the National Anthem and the RUC band from graduation. As such the latest honorary graduates will receive their honorary doctorates without the National Anthem or the band. The list includes Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern (for distinction in public service); Harold Good and Alec Reid (for services to the community) as well as lots of other worthy people (not that the above four are necessarily unworthy). So who would we all like to nominate for an honorary doctorate?