Newlyweds in a spin after wedding…

HERE’S a couple of Northern Irish newlyweds who almost came a cropper in a chopper.

  • Up da Republic

    There is something depressingly familiar and reassuring about the buzz of a helicopter if you are from the North of Ireland.

  • BfB

    The disturbance at takeoff was the grooms realization of what he had done, and his efforts to leap out (or throw his wife out). The return of the heli was likely an attempt of the pilot to get out with his life.

  • Eleanor Faffwangle

    Pity, they didn’t crash the thing into that god-awful ‘mansion’ in the background!

  • Alex S

    Who regulates helecopters and have they seen this?

  • joeCanuck

    Don’t blame the pilot. He was just watching the erotic going-ons in the backseat and got distracted for a moment.
    Here’s to the mile high club. Cheers.