Mugabe wins free and fair election

I am usually extremely reticent to predict the outcome of elections. However, on this occasion I am going to stick my neck out and announce the result of the Zimbabwe Parliamentary and Presidential elections which are due to be held on the 29th March; though I will be delighted to be proven wrong.As I mentioned in my last blog on Zimbabwe there were hopes that Simba Makoni a former finance minister might try to stand for ZANU-PF rather than Mr. Mugabe. This appears to have been an unfounded hope. The opposition MDC is trying to hold talks with ZANU-PF to ensure that the elections are free and fair; this seems a rather forlorn hope.

Although schadenfreude is not a particularly nice thing and one can understand not wanting to use Zimbabwean money considering the inflation rate; it is interesting to note that one of the UK’s most controversial tycoons Nicholas van Hoogstraten has been arrested for allegedly breaking foreign exchange laws. Mr. Van Hoogstraten who apparently owns 200 properties in Zimbabwe has previously described Mugabe as “100% decent and incorruptible”; and he after all would be well placed to identify such an upright person.