La Mon relatives ask Paisley to stay away from commemoration

A number of relatives of the victims of the La Mon Hotel murders have asked Ian Paisley not to attend the 30th anniversary commemorations to be held at Castlereagh Borough Council offices on the 17th February.Paisley has stated previously that those who lost least have been amongst those to complain the most about the current political arrangements. Some of his party members have described those opposed to the current arrangements as “Flat earthers.” Clearly to denounce the La Mon relatives with such vitriol would be counter productive for the DUP. Hence, we have very similar remarks from Jeffrey Donaldson:

“I understand, and we understand, the sensitivities around all of this, and we recognise that there are victims who feel that what is happening at Stormont is difficult for them to accept. There are others who support it, and many of them will be at Stormont tomorrow to endorse what is happening.”

and from a DUP Spokesman:

“The party understands the hurt of victims and we understand the current arrangements at Stormont are not easy for some people. But we must build for the future so we don’t return to similar events such as La Mon.”

How many people would agree with the sentiments and the conclusions of the Le Mon relatives is of course unknown and the individual relatives stressed that they were speaking purely in a personal capacity. However, the DUP may have to get used to certain people for whom they once felt they were the leading political advocates now regarding at least some of them as unacceptable.