“We may be in breach of European law..” – redux

As the post-primary school principal, Sean Bradley, emphasises at the end of this Politics Show report, the issue only applies to over-subscribed schools.. but it isn’t going away. He also suggests a compromise [approx 3mins in] – “I would be more comfortable if the law was more clear right around the border region, in the sense that all pupils were funded from where they live..” Although that might make it more clearly a cross-departmental issue requiring NI Executive approval. The Northern Ireland Education minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitríona Ruane [did the minister declare an interest? – Ed], also repeats her concerns that “We may be in breach of European law [currently]”, an issue first raised in a departmental circular, although several people disagree with that assessment – including the legal advice sought by the BBC [approx 6min 20 sec in] ANYhoo.. the minister promises legislation ahead.. which would require Asssembly approval.. whether or not those proposals are cost-neutral..