Tories promote Trimble..?

I’M not sure if this has been reported elsewhere, but when David Trimble was in the House of Lords earlier this week, a couple of peers made reference to his new front-bench position (see Lord Rooker’s comment, for example). Lord Shutt also remarked on Tuesday “that I know that he is moving on to other pastures before the day is out”. Anyone know what the rather oblique references are to?

  • BG, you might also like to note Trimble’s comments on the Rooker link:

    “That incident was where two persons who were alleged to have been involved in crime were publicly paraded and humiliated on the street. We were told by the Belfast Telegraph yesterday that the organisation that was responsible was the UDA. That might or might not be accurate; it probably is. But that action was a most retrograde event. I noted that, unfortunately, the Police Service of Northern Ireland arrived on the scene but later departed, saying that no further action would be taken because the persons concerned did not make a complaint. That does not seem to be an appropriate approach to policing. The events clearly demonstrated that something untoward and probably of a criminal nature had occurred. I would have thought that it would have been incumbent on the police to investigate further. I notice also the silence of the human rights lobby. Clearly, the human rights of those individuals were trespassed upon, but we hear nothing said about that.

    Trimble also claims he was deputising for Lord Glentoran but didn’t rule out the possibility of a place on the front bench. Might he be shadowing Blair’s role in the Middle East?

  • Mark McGregor


    Trimble explains half of your query himself, he was covering for Robin Dixon who was elsewhere and hasn’t been appointed to the Tory front bench.

  • RepublicanStones

    so the ‘aul man is slowly becoming an old boy !

  • Granni Trixie

    Much as I hate to agree with Trimble, I noted too a deafening silence at what happened to these young people: where was the usually vocal childrens lobby?..statements from the Children’s Commisioner? Where was the CAJ who takes such an interest in policing?
    Is this the kind of society we can expect in the ‘new’ NI?

  • Truth & Justice

    A good way not to win an election is to have David Trimble on your team, not a bright move for the Conservative party!

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Saw that Trimble comment, but still thought there was more to it than covering for Glentoran.

  • Rory

    What “pastures new” might Lord Trimble best grace with the benefit of his past experience ? That is the question that we might usefully ask when attempting to address this intriguing tease.

    I immediately think of what he could best do for Britain as I suspect does the good Lord Trimble himself. What comes most readily to mind is that not too distant event when all the glory that is Britain will be exposed to the light of the world – the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympiad.

    And what is the greatest expression within that ceremony wherein any nation may choose to illustrate the international inclusiveness of it’s own distinct culture? Why in the displays by the native dance teams of course.

    And who better to inspire, motivate, lead and train the British dance team than that most experienced dance master of the Garvaghy Road?

    I have already spoken to the children, parents and teachers at my grandchildren’s ethnically mixed, multicultural school in St Alban’s about this possibility and they were all quite speechless (with excitement at the very possibility no doubt).

    Over to you, Lord Trimble.

    Eat your heart out, Lionel Blair!

  • Greenflag

    Trimble is an irrelevance as far as the future politics of Northern Ireland is concerned as indeed are the British Tories . He did his best . It was’nt good enough . Let’s all wish him a happy retirement in the Lords or wherever they shunt him !

  • lib2016

    Aaaw, let’s have a few conspiracy theories! We’re in NI after all. 😉

    My take is that the establishment are slowly seducing one of the few ‘credible’ voices left to unionism. When they do break the link in a few years that Nobel Prize might carry a little weight with the average Daily Mail punter so the Establishment have decided to take him in, a bit like a lost poodle. Once he’s ‘one of us’ that will be one last little piece in the jigsaw.

  • The Dubliner

    lib2016, there’s a difference between a conspiracy theory and pure wish fulfillment.

    “He did his best . It was’nt good enough.” – Greenflag

    Why do you think his best wasn’t good enough? As Trimble acknowledged, the GFA was an outcome that was predetermined by both governments, so what could he have failed on? He played a key role in holding both governments to their commitments. The GFA negotiations were a case of ‘going through the motions.’ The only area where he possibly failed was in unilaterally imposing conditions after the negotiations concluded – done in response to Blair’s blunder of bilaterally of giving “sweeties” to PSF which were not condition-based. In terms of securing the position of Northern Ireland within the UK, the GFA was a spectacular success for Unionism. As Trimble also pointed out, PSF/PIRA got nothing from the GFA because they were not given anything. The had nowhere else to go. They were defeated by high level Intelligence Service penetration which made it impossible for them to fart without a plethora of agencies knowing about it, so they surrendered as an alternative to being wiped out and accepted whatever could get, basically peddling their guns and their usefulness as a tool to integrate nationalists into the UK, accepting its police forces, etc – everything except their asses – in return for self-serving concessions. So, they went to Blair after the GFA negotiations to claim their rewards. Trimble played a blinder.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Trimble played a blinder. ‘

    Indeed. Such a blinder he played himself off the field 🙂 I don’t deny the man’s contribution to the ‘end game’ and the half solution which has emerged .

    ‘In terms of securing the position of Northern Ireland within the UK, the GFA was a spectacular success for Unionism.’

    Oh yeah -sure . I’m sure most Unionists are delighted with McGuinness as DFM and will be even more delighted with his successor as FM .

    Don’t worry perfidious Albion will waive the rules when it’s time 🙂

  • If your grandchildren are lucky enough to live in St Albans, Rory, they must be the flippin’ rich beneficiaries of capitalism.

    Oh and I think that the Turtle’s fancy dress dancing days are behind him. Much better class of person in the Lords.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Much better class of person in the Lords.’

    How can you tell ? Most of the Bishops are either absent or asleep and the rest are either asleep or propping up the bar ?

    A useless out of date institution -long past it’s sell by date at least in it’s present format .