The ongoing uselessness of loyalist paramilitaries

I have blogged the uselessness of loyalist paramilitaries on two previous occasions: here and here.

However, we must note some more episodes of criminality, unpleasantness and generalised uselessness. It appears loyalist paramilitaries have been behind attacking four men in the Woodvale area of Belfast on 21st January. In addition a further extremely perverse episode of intimidation seems to have been made on a family in Carrickfergus. I suspect suggesting that the UDA may have been involved is unlikely to see me accused of libel. On the 22nd there was a petrol bomb attack in Coleraine where the victim again claimed UDA involvement. So again we see the utter uselessness of these people. Again I ask from whom are the UDA or UVF defending the Protestant / unionist / loyalist people of Northern Ireland? Again I await a response from some loyalist cheerleaders.