Scenes from the Saville Inquiry…

If you missed the first part of the Friday Play on BBC Radio 4, Bloody Sunday: Scenes from the Saville Inquiry you can catch it here. Definitely worth a listen. What it lacks in literary qualities (the script is composed of edited ranscripts from the Inquiry itself) it makes up for in its documentation, first and foremost, of the trauma of the events even some thirty years later. But it also points up the unwillingness of key participants to be open about their knowledge and actions on the day, and the incapacity of the Inquiry to do anything about it.

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  • Rory

    I do not understand this “lack of literary merit” that you detect, Mick. It is after all a dramatic literal reconstruction of the unedited (albeit necessarily truncated) transcript of the inquiry. It is in the simple starkness of knowing that this is the real deal, that there is no artifice, that heightens the dramatic effect. Which is of singular dramatic validity and more especially so when effective which tonight’s act proved to be to this listener at least.

    I shall reserve my judgement on the “unwillingness of key participants to be open” or otherwise until I hear the rest. Tonight’s act ended with the witness of General Ford as a segue into next week’s act: The Soldiers’ Testimony.