A brilliant chess player and a truly strange man

Bobby Fischer has died at the relatively young age of 64. Fischer became famous in 1972 when (still only 29) he became World Chess Champion. This episode was seen as a major cold war victory when Fischer beat the Russian Boris Spassky. Fischer seems to have become progressively more bizarre having his title removed from him for refusing to defend it. He later became known for anti-Semitic comments (despite his mother and probably father being Jewish). He was wanted in the USA for illegally having a rematch with Spassky in Yugoslavia when there were economic sanctions against that state. Later he celebrated the September 11th attacks on the USA and lived essentially in hiding in Japan from where he was meant to be deported to the USA but instead was granted Icelandic citizenship (Iceland being the location of the 1972 chess match) allowing him to move there where he appears to have stayed until his death.