Numbers in Fermanagh

Many regular readers will know of my on off move to Fermanagh and of Elenwë being from Fermanagh. As such I read the “Impartial” quite frequently.

This one: a row about whether or not to have house numbers is interesting. Being an outsider I am not fully conversant with this issue and I do not understand why it seems to have become party political. Has it? I quite enjoy the fact that our Christmas cards to our relatives in Fermanagh have no house numbers on them and I would point out that a friend who moved to Somerset has no house number either. Still I can see that there may be problems with multiple families with the same surname and getting post let alone the very serious possibility of an ambulance not finding a house. GPS seems a lot dearer and potentially more unreliable than house numbers.

I suppose Mrs. Foster may have to make a decision. If, however, it is a contentious will it require cross party support? Or will she just be minded to do something and then not?