Amnesty still not ruled out…

FURTHER to the two posts on the Prime Minister’s answer to Nigel Dodds regarding an amnesty for terrorists, Downing Street subsequently issued a statement clarifying that Gordon Brown had, in fact, not ruled one out. It reads: “”On this issue the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has said that nothing is ruled out and nothing is ruled in. The Prime Minister paid tribute to the gallant service of the security forces in Northern Ireland and his comments in no way change what the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland said.”

  • Makes you wonder if 20 years from now history will vindicate Al-Quada and Bin Laden, and grant amnesty to their former combattants (i’m not suggesting that the UVF, Sinn Féin etc. are at all ideologically or politically similar with Al-Qaeda, simply the similarities in their tactics).

  • willowfield

    Absolutely disgraceful.