Brown to row back from ruling out amnesty..?

THE Prime Minister appeared to categorically rule out any amnesty for terrorists or attempt to get the Troubles classified as a ‘war’ after questioning in the Commons from the DUP’s Nigel Dodds. I say ‘appeared to’, because it seems there’s a bit of a panic going on in Downing Street over Brown’s rather definitive statement, and ‘clarification’ (ie, the PM will back-track) is expected later. If it appears, the clarification will tell unionists everything they need to know – that they’re probably going to have to watch another Government U-turn at some point in the near future.

  • Rory

    “THE Prime Minister appeared to categorically rule out any amnesty for terrorists”

    Oh Gonzo, I do think you have read this one terribly wrong. Best you look at the thread that follows yours.

  • harpo

    The PM seemed to say nothing, which is what PMs do.

  • Greenflag

    PM Gordon Brown has obviously had a thorough briefing in Norn Ironspeak i.e ‘whatever you say say nothing when you talk about you know what’

  • Rory

    Apologies, Gonzo. It seems rather that I have read your piece badly since the main thrust of it was to contrast Brown’s overtly positive declaimation with its underlying reality of ambivalence.

    Unlike Brown on this occasion – it is me who is caught with his foot in his mouth.

  • harpo

    On reflection the PM did say ‘yes’ in response to all 3 questions.

    That seems pretty definitive.

    I, like most others, only saw the last ‘say nothing’ sentence about reconciliation. That followed the ‘yes’ answer and his first point where tribute was paid to the gallnat security forces.

    The ‘yes’ answer may come back to haunt him.

    I join Rory in realising what he actually did say having given my initial reaction.

  • joeCanuck

    This “mass confusion” is the responsibility of Dodds.
    He made the mistake, usually reserved for rookies, of asking 3 yes/no questions in one sentence. Brown has to be chuckling at how clever he (Brown) is.