Live from Newgrange..

If as the RTÉ report notes, along with a few others, you’re not one of the 20 selected to be present inside the Newgrange megalithic tomb for the winter solstice sunrise, you don’t have to miss out. Heritage Ireland is providing a web-cast of the scene live – there’s another chance to watch it here tomorrow. Although, since they don’t seem to be archiving it, you’ll still have to get the coffee on early.. 8.30am to 10.00am GMT.. and it seems to be Windows Media Player only. Adds Irish Eagle, who did watch it this morning, informs us in the comments zone that the footage will be archived. And The archived webcast is available here.

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  • Pete,

    I watched it online this morning and near the end they indicated that they would be archiving this morning’s footage for all of the next year.

    The weather was fantastic this morning, couldn’t have had a better day to launch their web cast.

    I hope the links on this page – – will be active again when they’ve archived the video.

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks for that info, John.

    If only they’d mentioned that on the website..

  • I watched it this morning. Well done to all concerned in making it available on the web.

  • latcheeco

    Thank You Pete!

  • Pete Baker

    Thanks latcheeco [and alex].

    I thought this morning’s webcast was wondrous.

  • sammaguire

    When was Newgrange built…4,000 or 5,000 years ago?? Very smart people obviously. I’d like to think I have a few of their genes (although RTE made the obvious error of accompanying their piece on it with Celtic/Gaelic music by Clannad). I half expected a row on this website on whether these people were Irish or British!! I’ll start it…of course they were Irish!!