Whatever happened to Peter Hain


  • As Tic

    Declining education standards

  • unbelievable

    I can’t believe that sillidays gets away with this. The standard of Slugger blogging sinks ever lower with his shameless one liner links to other people’s written work.

  • gareth mccord

    whatever he is trying to do at least he is well rested! What an idiot

  • Thomas

    Object oriented

  • red branch

    Clearly a candidate for next year’s turner prize – very ironic!

  • what’s this about? I tried to access and a large red “caught reading porn” sign flashed up. Is Hain turning his, er, hand to this now?

  • Robert Nelson

    Nevermind Peter Hain, I’m sure many in the Young Unionists are asking “whatever happened to Michael Shilliday”?

  • Bob

    More than a little embarrassing Michael.