“This is exactly the sort of development I have been fearing..”

The apparently oppositionally-inclined Minister for Health, the UUP’s Michael McGimpsey, will face more questions today from the Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee, the DUP’s Iris Robinson.. Not about his “outdated political dogma” – Eamonn McCann has some fun with that in the Belfast Telegraph – but on the resignation of David Sissling as Chief Executive designate of the proposed single Health and Social Care Authority. No doubt the delays in implementing reforms played a major part in his decision. Meanwhile, more oppositional politics, this time from the Social Development Minister, who also appears to be calling for public support in opposition to the NI Executive’s Draft Budget..

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  • Bla

    Oh now maybe David Sissley is a Peter Robinson stooge too! Or maybe,just maybe McGimp needs to pull the finger out and get on with health service reforms.

  • Alex S

    Will the creation of a super quango, the Health and Social Services Authority (HSSA) as urged by Iris Robinson really address the healthcare funding shortfall, what about the inevitable set-up costs, in any case the notion that the HSSA will simply replace the existing boards is naive, it will in effect mean a merging of the existing structures, and costs, with an additional level of bureaucracy on top, surely we already have the Dept of Health and Social Services, if it is to be down-graded will it have the resources to monitor and control the HSSA, will not the tail end up waging the dog?

  • sam

    Fairly limited understanding of the purpose of the HSSA from the last contributor. Get on with it McGimpsey. Show a little courage.

  • Nevin

    Is the DUP/SF ‘alliance’ feeling the heat? Is it acting in ‘control freak’ mode?

    We saw Dourman’s agitated response to Ritchie re.CTI funding debate. Now we have this from the UUP’s Cobain in support of Ritchie:

    “It is estimated that Northern Ireland needs between 2000-2500 new houses to meet the growing numbers of homeless people. The Department of Social Development is building just 600 ..

    One of life’s most basic rights is a decent place to live. Currently to a great many people this is a right that is denied to them. The draft Budget does not do enough to start tackling the problem. If the draft budget stays at is I can foresee the sight of a great many more homeless people on the streets of Northern Ireland and all the efficiency savings and other DUP and Sinn Fein buzzwords won’t be able to change that.

    Priorities are in fact not priorities. An example: under the last Executive the OFMDFM budget was £32m – under Peter Robinson’s Draft Budget it has risen to £73.9m. That says all we need to know about priorities.”

    Is Dourman hogging it or has Cobain got his figures up the left? Is Dourman more a friend of the developer than of Joe and Josey Public?