Unintended consequences of ministerial mind

I doubt that it was intended, but one consequence of the DUP ministers being “of a mind to approve” a private development of the Causeway Visitors’ Centre has been to end the years of dithering by the public bodies involved. Moyle Council are reported to be passing control over the site to the National Trust.. and, meanwhile, the Trust have been making noises off to the UK government. Let’s see if the DUP ministers are constrained by political dogma..

  • Nevin


    I’m intrigued by this snippet from the Tele link:

    The London department has declined to release any recent correspondence with either UNESCO or the Stormont executive on the Causeway issue.

    It cited exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act relating to both international relations and relations within the UK.

    Perhaps someone could identify the relevant exemptions. Might they be the same or similar to those used by Foster to frustrate scrutiny by the Environment Committee – and investigative journalists?

    It seems strange to me that UK internal ‘conversations’ might not be subject to parliamentary scrutiny until decisions have been taken, decisions that might involving flogging state assets at well below market value.

    It’s possible that Hodge’s intervention might be too little, too late. It’s also not clear which of the two ministers would have the final say on a matter that could have serious repercussions for the Causeway’s WHS status.

  • ulsterfan

    If the Causeway WHS can be guaranteed when a visitors centre is built off site notwithstanding the earlier statement from UNESCO we are back to square one.
    There is still a lot to play for.
    The apparent delay in announcing an arrangement with Moyle and NT has weakened our position or the position of those opposed to private development.

  • Nevin

    Ulsterfan, it seems that Dodds cut off funding for the public sector development when he did a deal with Foster outside the terms of the Ministerial Code. When did he stop work on the public sector development? Was it before the September 10 joint ministerial announcement?

  • joeCanuck

    Some smells never go away, do they?

  • Nevin

    I don’t suppose I’ll get any fresh turkey and boiled ham from any developers this year, Joe?

  • cut the bull

    Some smells never go away, do they?

    Your 100% correct on that one Joe.
    The more twists and turns this saga takes,the more it smells like the May Street entrance of the Belfast Variety Market.
    Just in case any body’s lost that’s where you’ll find the fish stalls.

  • yeahbut

    Can someone not tell me why there isn’t a caption competition for this????


  • joeCanuck

    I’m surprised that neither the Chancellor nor the Prime Minister have tried to use the “ädministrative hiccough” thing over the national database screw-up.
    Nothing to see here folks. Nothing to worry about at all. Now move along.