Environment Minister to sue Sinn Féin MLA?

The Northern Ireland Environment minister, the DUP’s Arlene Foster, did warn everyone, when she announced that she was “of a mind to approve” Seymour Sweeney’s planning application for a Causeway Visitors Centre, that “If anyone impugns my integrity in this matter I will be seeking legal advice and will act accordingly.” It would appear that she thinks Sinn Féin’s Daithí McKay, MLA, has done just that, and according to this report, the Assembly today heard the following exchange

Daithí McKay: “Can I ask the minister to confirm today if she will use her department to take legal action against me and if not will she now recognise that the role of departmental legal advisors isn’t to take part in political witch hunts against members of this Assembly.”
Arlene Foster: “I am currently seeking legal advice on the action of his statement of November 8 and in relation to that I am not going to make any further comment.. I am sure he will be hearing from either me or the departmental solicitor’s office in the near future.”