“The inquiry has more or less come to a dead end”

Two years on from the murder of former UDA leader Jim Gray the coroner’s court today heard Detective Inspector Deborah McMaster state that she believed those responsible for the murder to be members of the UDA, but that despite a number of arrests no one had been charged – “The inquiry has more or less come to a dead end”. A separate report notes that

Gray was shot dead as associate, Gary Matthews, helped him unload dumbbells from a car in father’s driveway. Matthews was arrested at the scene on suspicion of involvement in the murder, but was released without charge. He was called as a witness but failed to turn up. Mr Leckey [NI senior coroner] called for extra powers for coroners to compel witnesses to attend.

Perhaps they should consider asking those with influence? Or would that be another stupid question..

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  • observer

    Or would that be another stupid question..

    Why is Sinn Fein brought in to a thread on loyalist terrorism?

    What is your agenda?

    This is becoming very, very boring, mate. This ‘stupid question’ repeat loop on every thread to shoe-horn in republicans.

    The tone of this smug, self-satisifed and utterly sanctimonious.

    As ever…

  • Nevin
  • Here’s what I wrote over two years ago about this convenient assassination which suited all the loyalist conspirators in Rosemary Nelson’s murder and other killings which so involved collusion with British authorities:


    The Brits will never even identify, much less convict,any of their own in any serious wrongdoing!

  • Jeremy

    Indeed Trowbridge it could well be a case of someone saying to themselves “why all the evidence points to some dodgy dealings involving the security forces but as we all know no such thing happened so ergo we have no leads”

    What struck me was PSNI apparently knew enough to be able to give a warning but weren’t able to work that into any leads.

    I have to partially agree with Observer if not with his direct style. Why include the link back to a republican theme when its not relevant at all. Is this a continution of a loyalism is only reactive to republicanism mindset. Why not leave republicans out of this thread. Some might say its hard to avoid whataboutery on this thread when its written into header.

  • Pete Baker

    The critics are, as always, correct.

    It makes absolutely no sense to link to a reference to “stupid” questions interfering with our “indigenous” deal immediately after linking to a post entitled “paramilitary politics” in a post ostensibly about the stalled police investigation of a paramilitary murder.. none whatsoever..