“The council is very pleased to have the fossil on loan from the Ulster Museum..”

With the Ulster Museum closed for its controversial renovation until, at least, June 2009, it makes sense for as many of its exhibits to be put on public display in the meantime – although this example is the only one I’ve seen reported. It’s a 200 million-year-old ichthyosaur fossil found near Larne in 1999 and it will be on display at the Larne Tourist Information Centre for the next two years – much more on ichthyosaurs here.. and here. That will also give Lisburn Council plenty of time to arrange an educational visit for some of the councillors there..The Belfast Telegraph article also mentions the value of the coastal region.

“Geologists from all over the world come to study the rocks along the Antrim coast, so it is important for us to understand and appreciate the value of what we have.”

And important to protect it from those attempting to undermine that understanding..

Btw.. any signs of an evolution in the guidelines from the Department of Education?

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  • me

    This is worthy of a political blog?? FFS Pete any changce you could post up something a little more sensible.


  • 0b101010

    Psst, ‘me’, look up at the subtitle.

  • me

    Psst Ob already did.

    You have a point to make on this post, something that would make it interesting as a political talking point?

    any morsel would do.

  • Fraggle

    Politics and culture . Now go troll elsewhere.

  • Cormac

    Sheesh, ‘me’! Give it a rest. These people put together a blog for little or no money and they’re entitled to put whatever they like on it.

    On the subject of evolution, these slides are equally funny and depressing (if such a thing is possible): http://web.mit.edu/gjordan/www/creation/slides/_DSC2403.html

  • me

    Fraggle who are you calling a troll? I’ve been around a long time on slugger, how about you troll somewhere else.

    Is there a rule that says no one can comment if they find a post dull? Or not politically challenging?

  • Dawkins


    “This is worthy of a political blog?? FFS Pete any changce you could post up something a little more sensible.”

    I share Me’s disappointment. No doubt you and the other bloggers are unaware of this, but on Tuesday last a violent drunkard and paedophile burnt his family alive in their home in Omagh. I’m glad to say he perished too.

    There are serious questions to be asked here, not least concerning the lack of monitoring of this dangerous, evil man. Why he was released having served only 7 years for attempted murder and brutal assault. Why he was allowed to foster a young girl. And why he was allowed to live within spitting distance of a primary school.

    But I do concede that fossils and football are more interesting topics for debate.

  • me

    I’m sorry but I didn’t mean to be unfair, but also we have the worst case of paedophilia here for years and the guy gets a very lean sentence. There are all sorts of things going on politically and culturally.

    Fossills……arent; those the guys in stormont?

    Pete no offence….

  • pauljames


    The US PBS station Nova has its dramatisation of Kitzmiller v. Dover on line here.

  • qubol

    Pete: “That will also give Lisburn Council plenty of time to arrange an educational visit for some of the councillors there”

    Hmmmmm, more like it will give Creationist-Unionist councillors in Larne time to put together an exhibit showing how our Ichthyosaur was made on the Tuesday afternoon of creation. They will also hopefully have scale models of ancient humans fishing for them off the Giants Causeway.

  • pith

    The criminal justice system, child protection, social breakdown etc. are all valid subjects for threads on this site. However, I am sure that I am not the only person who finds Pete Baker’s posts a major part of its attraction. I might not be that interested in the latest space shuttle launch but others may not be interested in what he has to say on some aspect of the Italian Renaissance or limited edition poetry releases. It says something for Slugger that it includes postings from which people might learn something rather than just reading opinion.

  • Dawkins


    My post should have read “he was released having served less than 3 years for attempted murder and brutal assault.”


    I too enjoy Pete’s posts. But I needed an opportunity to call attention to the fact that the Omagh horror had been blogged by no one, nor indeed the case of the other paedophile and his ridiculously short sentence.

  • 0b101010

    “violent drunkard and paedophile burnt his family alive”

    Good thing dead people can’t sue. Overlooking the emotionally-charged tabloid flourishes you added to spruce up an already horrific event, you seem to be bending the truth on at least two accounts there.

    If we don’t pursue the absolute truth for the bastards of the world, it will be lost for the rest of us.

  • A Unionist Councillor from Larne

    “Creationist-Unionist councillors in Larne”

    And remind me who they would be ‘qubol`???

    Its been a while since we debated the meaning of life and the origin of species. Too busy buying new wheelie bins and looking for new burial grounds.

    I’ll have to check my agendas more closely in future.

  • joeCanuck

    What sort of stuff did Noah’s family get up to after the flood?
    Was there no law of man or god regarding incest?

  • 0b101010

    “What sort of stuff did Noah’s family get up to after the flood?
    Was there no law of man or god regarding incest?

    Joe, oh aye, but it took ol’ God a wee while to let His creations know they and their ancestors had been to no good. Existing beyond the boundaries of time and space makes it easy to lose your place I suppose:

    Apparently punishable with a lot of death, mutilation and whatnot:

  • dewi

    Who is this Moloch? Sounds pretty bad.

  • Dawkins


    I’m simply passing on the facts that have emerged since Tuesday night. If they’re too much for you, tough.

  • Pete Baker

    I’ll keep this response as brief as I can.


    I’ve been blogging too long to take offence at what is said in the comments zone.

    And you’ve been commenting here long enough to know that I blog about what interests me, and/or I think is important, and/or I want to document.

    Further to that, if you re-read the full original post, you’ll see I raised the issue of the potential public display of Museum exhibits which otherwise will remain in storage for two years.

    Additionally I used the opportunity to revisit some recent [political] issues.


    As for those who feel the need to call attention to other events..

    If you feel that need on a regular basis I can only suggest you get your own blog – where you can call attention to whatever you like, whenever you like.

  • Turgon

    joe Canuck,

    Following the flood Noah seems to have been a farmer (see Genesis 9). On the ark with Noah and his wife were his three sons and their wives. There seems to have been no specific prohibition on incest; clearly cousin marriage would have had to be permissible.

    The prohibitions of the law were introduced later. I am no theologian but the period of the law is called the Dispensation of the Law which is separate to the dispensation during the time of the patriachs (I cannot remember what that one is called).

    Incidentally on the punishments in the Old Testament one must remember a number of things: Firstly they are dealing with a very primitive society several thousand years ago, secondly they proscribe the maximum punishments for a given offence; thirdly they are actually far more liberal than any penal code of the time or until much later, fourthly there is little evidence that many (?any) people suffered the maximum punishments set out in the code.

    By the way yes I do find they make for uncomfortable reading. I am, however, as I have said before not an “a la carte” fundamentalist. As such I have to believe that the bible is true and what it says is true.

  • Dawkins


    “As for those who feel the need to call attention to other events..

    If you feel that need on a regular basis…”

    Nope, just this once. The Omagh horror has dominated the media for days. It’s not as if it’s a side issue. Any reason good why it hasn’t been blogged on Slugger?

  • 0b101010

    “I’m simply passing on the facts that have emerged since Tuesday night.”

    No, no you aren’t. You’ve clearly digested half the known facts and are pulling the rest out of your arse.

    What you say:

    “a violent drunkard and paedophile”

    “served only 7 years for attempted murder and brutal assault.

    What the reports say:

    “The 31-year-old woman was 17 when she was indecently assaulted by Arthur McElhill in 1993 after he forced his way into her home in Omagh.

    He received a two-year suspended sentence for the attack.

    Just a few years later he received a five-year prison sentence at Dungannon Crown Court for indecently assaulting another 17 year-old girl in 1996.”


    What you say:

    “burnt his family alive”

    What the police say:

    “The family of seven killed in a house fire in Omagh, County Tyrone, died of smoke inhalation, police have said.”


    What you have told us aren’t the facts, but an emotive misrepresentation of what is known.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Getting back to the point about the geological sinificance of the rock formations at the Larne Promenade -I hope that the planning application to build in excess of 100 appartments there will be refused.The council have already resoled not to sell it because it is a public right of way. Despite this there has been a lot of activity within the planning service who have had the land valued(taking in the development costs of the developer)?Yes I wondered why too.Maybe it is because of the level of political intervention that has been taking place on the developers behalf.There has also been an economic study done but the planning service are keeping it secret too.

  • Danny O’Connor

    typos- significance,resolved.
    Still trying to get to grips with typing.

  • Frank Sinistra

    The Great Book of Gaelic is in Lisburn Library this month.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Dinosaurs in Larne? I don’t believe it(!)

  • Dawkins

    LOL @ Belfast Gonzo!

    I actually visited Larne for the first time last week. What a depressingly ugly place. The main street looked like something from an East Bloc country — a decade ago.