“The council is very pleased to have the fossil on loan from the Ulster Museum..”

With the Ulster Museum closed for its controversial renovation until, at least, June 2009, it makes sense for as many of its exhibits to be put on public display in the meantime – although this example is the only one I’ve seen reported. It’s a 200 million-year-old ichthyosaur fossil found near Larne in 1999 and it will be on display at the Larne Tourist Information Centre for the next two years – much more on ichthyosaurs here.. and here. That will also give Lisburn Council plenty of time to arrange an educational visit for some of the councillors there..The Belfast Telegraph article also mentions the value of the coastal region.

“Geologists from all over the world come to study the rocks along the Antrim coast, so it is important for us to understand and appreciate the value of what we have.”

And important to protect it from those attempting to undermine that understanding..

Btw.. any signs of an evolution in the guidelines from the Department of Education?