“the opportunity of a lifetime..”

An interesting quote from the deputy First Minister in the BBC’s report of the arrival of the World Rally Championship to Northern Ireland.. and the rest of the island.

“If you fail to come here or tune in to what will be happening here during the course of the world rally championship you will be missing the opportunity of a lifetime,” [Martin McGuinness] said.

So why, according to Mark Devenport’s blog, did the deputy First Minister miss the “opportunity of a lifetime” afforded those who did attend the opening stage at Stormont? The official reception may have been hosted by the NI Sports Minister.. but some meetings are, apparently, still outside the remit of that ‘indigenous deal’.. and I don’t mean the attendance of the Republic of Ireland’s Sports Minister, Seamus Brennan, TD. [The presence of royalty didn’t stop Conor Murphy, MP, MLA, previously – Ed]