HD Earth-rise/set from Lunar orbit

Interesting to compare the space shuttle manoeuvring in Earth orbit with these High-Definition images of an Earth-rise (Wide Shot), 31 Oct, [Earth-set (Tele Shot) below the fold] from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) “KAGUYA (SELENE)” satellite in lunar orbit – original footage here
Alternatively you could compare the Earth-set, 31 Oct, HD footage from the same craft – original footage here

And if you prefer some musical accompaniment, here’s something someone else spotted Enjoy!

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  • joeCanuck

    Amazing. Truly stupendous.

  • The Raven

    Really does make you feel very small, doesn’t it? Quite puts the arguing into perspective.

  • Pete Baker

    I knew someone out there would appreciate that footage. ;o)

    And as amazing as the image of the Earth is, in particular in the ‘Earth-set’ footage, the visible detail of the Moon’s surface is astounding.

    Btw, for the clearest images make sure you view the ‘original footage’ links above.

  • kisdo

    not as nice as watching the sunrise or fall over Cnoc fóla Bloody Foreland in Donegal

  • Pete Baker

    And I knew someone wouldn’t..

  • Wilde Rover

    It looks so fragile, like a luminous, iridescent raindrop on a starless night.

  • susan

    Those words capture it, Wilde Rover. Enough that I could finally pry my focus off the ‘arguing’ — to think some people think the phrase “hopping” mad is just an expression, I am wearing shoes out — and slow down and look at what Pete was showing us. Thank you, Pete.

    I suppose van’s “celtic new year” on autoplay is helping, too.

    Pete, if you’ have a chance to sit and watch the sun setting on Cnoc Fola you’ll realise kidso is not being churlish —


  • Pete Baker


    My fault for being terse, but I didn’t mean to imply that kisdo was being churlish.

    It was just that the comparative beauty, or otherwise, of the view wasn’t the point.

    It’s the different perspective it allows.

  • kisdo

    It is a wonderful video I agree and admit Pete. I see beauty looking at a struggling worm on a grey wet cracked footpath and hear it listening to the wheezy willow leaves shaken off the tree in my back garden by the sweeping indifferent gusts. I watch the moon at night (not all the times of course!) and I see beauty and I am awed. TV or computer monitors dont do it for me… Im saving up for a ticket on Virgin’s tourist rocket though.

  • I wonder…

    Pity the sensitivity demonstrated above isnt more widely displayed on Slug. Shall we give it a go?
    Or am I just a dawn-sniffing revenant?

  • susan

    I wonder, I had to look up “revenant,” but now I have I think it’s genius. I think you and the handful of other posters I trust here, sometimes despite steep political divides, are all “revenants,” haunted by the ghosts whose claims on us constantly break to the surface seeking recognition again and again precisely because “the truth,” the real truth, is so catastrophic and so often at cross-purposes with itself that real resolution is impossible.

    And so the past stays buried, but in the shallowest of graves.

    And the football threads are fun, too. ;o)

  • I wonder…

    Beautifully put, Susan 🙂

    I might even be persuaded to agree with you on the fitba thread comment!