PSNI escape prosecution

I’ve noted before that Martin Rosenbaum’s FOI blog is excellent. Today he notes that the Information Commissioner has rapped the PSNI for their attitude to an FOI request. Particularly interesting for me is not para 23, but para 24:

In light of the above, the Commissioner has considered whether he ought to exercise his powers under section 77 of the Act in relation to the possible commission of a criminal offence. The Commissioner has concluded that, while he is satisfied that information was wrongly withheld from the complainant in relation to his request; there is insufficient evidence for the Commissioner to be confident of securing a conviction. Therefore the Commissioner has not proceeded with a prosecution in this case.

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

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  • joeCanuck

    Therefore the commissioner is satisfied that the PSNI is in breach of Section 17(1) of the act.

    I guess he’s not just “minded” to proceed then.

  • cut the bull

    I realise that this may be the wrong thread for this but the Parades commission have made a decision on the Pride of the Raven protest parade 24th November

    Im sure the band will not be amused agghhh shucks. All 40 of them are only allowed to intimidate the taigs in the Short Strand now.

    Hopefully the PSNI will have this information at hand and be able to police this parade accordingly.

    Check the Parades Commission website

  • joeCanuck

    Nothing on the site, cut the bull.
    Care to provide a link?

  • cut the bull


    The Parades Commission’s determination is that the following conditions are placed on the organiser and participants in the parade by the Pride of the Raven Flute Band on Saturday, 24 November 2007.

    A. Only the Pride of the Raven Flute Band shall take part in this parade, participants totalling no more than 40 people.

    B. On the notified outward route, only a hymn tune shall be played between the Newtownards Road and Susan Street junction and the junction of the Bridge End Flyover and Bridge End.

    C. On the notified return route, only a hymn tune shall be played between the Bridge End Flyover over Middlepath Street and the Newtownards Road and Susan Street junction.

    D. The parade shall not process that part of its notified return route beyond the junction of Dublin Road and Ormeau Avenue. Instead, the parade may return along Ormeau Avenue and Adelaide Street, thereby rejoining the notified return route.

    E. The parade shall commence at 10.00 am and shall disperse no later than 12.30 pm.

    F. When the parade is in progress there shall be no undue stoppages or delays apart from the short protest outside Windsor House. Where practicable the parade shall stay close to the near side of the road at all times to minimise disruption and to facilitate the passing of vehicular and other traffic.

    G. The organiser shall arrange for the presence of an adequate number of stewards to ensure that all parade participants and supporters act in an orderly manner.

    H. The parade organiser shall bring to the attention of stewards the guidance for parade participants and supporters contained in Appendices A and B of the Commission’s Code of Conduct. For ease of reference Appendices A and B are attached to this determination.

    I. In particular, the Commission would reiterate to the parade organiser that all participants and supporters in this parade should behave with due regard for the rights, traditions and feelings of others in the vicinity; refrain from using words or behaviour which could reasonably be perceived as being intentionally sectarian, provocative, threatening, abusive, insulting or lewd; obey the lawful directions of parade organisers and stewards at all times, from assembly to dispersal; abide by the conditions of the Code of Conduct; and comply with police directions and in accordance with legislation.

    J. The Commission also reiterates to the organiser the importance of respectful behaviour in the vicinity of interface areas, namely that there should be no singing, chanting, or loud drumming and that marching should be dignified. More generally, no paramilitary-style clothing is to be worn at any time during the parade and flags, bannerettes and symbols relating to a proscribed organisation should in no circumstances be displayed.

    K. The parade organiser shall ensure that all stewards, participants and supporters obey any direction given by the police in relation to this parade.

    L. The parade organiser shall ensure that these conditions are drawn to the attention of all participants.

    Signed: …………………………………………
    (On behalf of the Commission)

    Date: …………………………………………

  • jone

    Seems perfectly sensible.

    The band can parade in from East Belfast, protest their stated greivance at the Parades Commission and then return to East Belfast.

    Meanwhile the commercial life of the town suffers minimal disruption at a peak time and the Chinese community on the Pass can go about their business free from any perceived intimidation.

    What reasonable person could possibly object?

  • cut the bull

    It seems reasonable enough if you you are a member of the chinese community living or working in Donegall pass or a city centre trader, but I believe there is an equality issue here. Why should the community in the Short Stardn have to endure this protest march.

    As the determinattion stands this band will pass St matthews Chapel on both the outward and return journey of this parade.

    This band apparently has a history of sectarian behaviour while passing the chapel and the Short Strand. the band has stated on its website that the protest was also in relation to Parades Commission determinations relating to parades passing this area.

    Is the Parades commission making a difference between the Short Strand community who will be affected by this parade and other communities who are not affected by this parade as a result of the Parades Commission determination.

    Do the Parades Commission not take into account the feelings of the Short Strand community in relation to this parade. Are they expected to put up with a parade that others have been spared from.

  • joeCanuck

    The Lord Mayor, an Orangeman, has called on the Pride of the Raven to drop this parade.
    Good for him.