Donegal Sinn Féin councillor resigns from party

Frank mentioned this news in the comments zone here, and it was mentioned earlier on, but the accompanying statement that Donegal Sinn Féin councillor Thomas Pringle has reportedly made on resigning from the party sounds interesting.

Citing his disillusionment with the Sinn Fein party in a statement released within the past hour, Councillor Pringle says he has every intention to carry out the the rest of his term as a councillor.

Update More on that resignation here

Councillor Pringle announced his decision yesterday, stating the explusion of two members of the Donegal South West Sinn Fein Comhairle as one of his reasons for taking this decision to resign.


Speaking on Ocean FM, Senator Doherty said while he was disappointed at Clr Pringle’s resignation, he said Clr Pringle had problems intergarting with the party due to his political background as an Independent.

And Frank points to this comment on

Pringle in today’s Donegal Post.
“Since the General Election there was an opportunity to develop a bottom up rather than top down approach to decision making and allow the party to develop and grow. I regret that this opportunity has been missed.”
The Post says: “He was particularly disenchanted with the expulsion by Sinn Fein of two members in Donegal SW in recent months. One was Pettigo based Lawrence McManus. He declined to name the other.”
The Post says Pringle was upset at the leadership’s apparent willingness to enter coalition “with anybody.”
“They haven’t, but it’s not because they weren’t willing to. It’s because none of the other parties would speak to them,” says Pringle.