“will carry a black wreath with nine white lilies to remember the dead..”

The Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams may have been explaining last night why, although he was “of the view that no military solution was possible”, he felt “armed struggle” was “necessary” when he met with the Foundation4Peace, and in particular Colin Parry, as Nick Robinson records he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer the question – “Why Warrington?” Tomorrow will bring a reminder of other questions about elements of the struggle employed by the Provisional IRA. This time it will be the acknowledged “human rights violation” which was the deliberate abduction, murder, and secret burials of the ‘disappeared’ – for which immunity was sought, and granted, during The Process™. Relatives of those abducted and murdered will carry a black wreath with nine white lilies to Stormont to remember the dead on All Souls Day. The first step, after all.. before it’s too late..