Notice served on CTI funding

Confirmation today that the Department for Social Development has served a notice of termination on the funding of the UPRG-negotiated CTI project, as announced by the minister two weeks ago. According to one report the letter was hand-delivered to Farset yesterday. It’s not noted whether the civil servants involved needed to be officially instructed [by a ministerial directive] to serve that notice.. as they reportedly had to be instructed to put the funding in place.

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  • So, democracy does work. Well done.


    Well done Margaret Ritchie.

    Now let’s see if all the talk about legal challenges was genuine or just pressure to ignore the will of the people.

  • Wee slabber

    Was it in Ulster Scots,English, or both?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    It is good to see things working properly for a change.

    Danegeld… Just Say No.

  • Dave Fogel

    Drop in the ocean.They can always go back to extorting and robbing OAPs and then they haven`t given up drugs.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Go back ? You mean, they actually stopped ?

  • spiritof07

    Looking forward to gareth mccord’s humble apoligy to Ritchie – if i knew how to reprint old posts i would highlight the thread where he continually stated as fact that Margaret would ‘spin her way out of it’. Turns out she had more balls than you though Gareth.

  • Turgon

    After all the nonsense from the UDA (and some of its cheerleaders here) that Ritchie would climb down; followed by all the claims that she had apparently not stopped the funding and all the threats of legal action this is very pleasing.

    I know little about Ritchie but on this issue she has made a courageous and politicly astute decision. I hope (and genuninely expect) that she will rapidly announce money (hopefully more than £1.2 million) for the same working class Protestant areas and involve Farset if (as is my understanding; though I may be wrong) Farset is an innocent party in all this. Such a move to support everyone other than the UDA and those tainted by them would reassure Protestant working class communities that they are actually going to benefit. In addition it would stop the UDA claiming discrimination and would probably help weaken the malign grip the UDA have on these communities. As I have said before, however, I suspect the UDA will try to subvert and acquire control over money given to “their” areas.

    I also expect some sort of nauseating announcement on Rememberance Sunday from the UDA likening themselves to the victorious allies at the end of the Second World War. This to be followed by appeals for Ritchie to give the money back to the UDA. Of course thay may also proclaim an end to any loyalist illegal activity and explain that far from extortion, drug dealing and prostitution all they now do is have cultural evenings and help old ladies across the road. And of course a flying pig has just zoomed past my window.

    Hopefully when this new shiny non criminal UDA is revealed Ritchie will remember that slogan she used at the UUP conference “No Surrender”.

  • gareth mccord

    more balls, ask the East antrim U.D.A. who has as they found out. As for ritchie i really hope that other politicians would follow her stance but i know they think she is only against the U.D.A. I think she has showen how to do her job but i dont believe the money will stop as we will hear and see.