“to search for appropriate wording..”

It’s not clear from either this report or this one who has actually appointed them, presumably the Council, but a trio of supernaturalists, led by former Presbyterian moderator the Rev John Dunlop, are to “search for appropriate wording on a shrine to the victims of the Real IRA attack [in Omagh] in 1998.” Omagh Council has been wrangling over the proposed wording on the memorial stone for some time – as the minutes from November 2006 indicate. [Not so with other memorials – Ed] But perhaps the Council could explain what problem they have with the wording mentioned in this November 2006 BBC report

The words proposed [by relatives of the victims] for the monument were to read: “To honour and remember 31 people murdered and hundreds injured from three nations by a dissident republican terrorist car bomb.”

It’s also worth noting that the November 2006 report also quotes Sinn Féin Cllr Sean Clarke, “Omagh council has unanimously agreed to unveil a memorial stone in 2008, to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy and the council has also unanimously agreed the wording of the inscription.”

Has anyone seen that “unanimously agreed” wording?