“we do see after four years the justice ministry being run under D`Hondt..”

Interesting report on the comments of Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd at the NI Executive sub-committee reviewing policing and justice – although I’d imagine he wished the circumstances of his contribution were different.. ANYhoo.. Apparently Sinn Féin favours a dual-ministry “acting jointly as the way forward in relation to the ministerial model.” But that, “However we do see after four years the justice ministry being run under D`Hondt like any of the other ministries.” The reasoning is that

“[Sinn Féin’s] primary concern has to be the safeguards built into the system to safeguard community confidence. The community is going to have to have confidence in the system and the system as it is run.”

However, public confidence is a key issue in the timing of the transfer of policing and justice powers, as the UUP’s Alan McFarland reportedly pointed out

“There is an argument which says if there is sufficient community confidence (for the devolution of policing and justice powers) then what is the problem with a minister run under D`Hondt?”

Indeed. Although, it’s also worth noting that the Lord Chief Justice prefers a different model..

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  • veritas

    if d’hondt is run for the justice ministry next pick goes to the sdlp , i think their quotient is 8.5, alban maginness or alex attwood maybe.

  • veritas

    Is this why they dont want to run d’hondt now.

  • Lamaria

    veritas – I am sure that if and when d’hondt is run on a policing and justice ministry that it will be run alongside the other existing departments. Plus by this stage who knows how many departments there will be – I suspect it may be less than 10! Peter Robinson has reportedly suggested that the number be cut to around 5 or 6.