“A possible paramilitary link…”

As the investigation into the killing of Paul Quinn continues, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown reiterates the government position in the Commons today, in the Carnaget Cottages area of Newry, in County Armagh, an 18-year-old is dragged into a garden and beaten with baseball bats by a gang of up to 7 men and there are reports of shots being fired. And according to this report

Police said they were still working to establish a motive for the attack. But the spokeswoman added: “A possible paramilitary link is one of a number of lines of inquiry.”

From the Commons today

Q6. [160149] Mr. Jeffrey M. Donaldson (Lagan Valley) (DUP): I am sure that the Prime Minister will join me in condemning the brutal murder of Paul Quinn at the weekend in County Monaghan. His predecessor gave a commitment that if any political party failed to uphold the rule of law and the democratic process in Northern Ireland, that party alone would be sanctioned, rather than all of the parties in the Assembly. In the light of the killing of Paul Quinn, will the Prime Minister now reiterate that commitment from the Government that only parties in default of their commitments will be sanctioned, and not everyone else in Northern Ireland?

The Prime Minister: And that is the position of the Government. This was a brutal and horrific crime. I have already talked to the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland about this. I am sure that the sympathies of the whole House will go to the family. I echo the widespread condemnation of this atrocious event and the desire that those who carried it out should be brought to justice as quickly as possible. The Chief Constable has stated that there is an ongoing investigation. It obviously would be inappropriate to speculate on responsibility at this time, but I believe that the police on both sides of the border are doing everything in their power to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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  • steve48

    So unless there is a signed copy of the minutes of the meeting where PIRA PLC approved the murder the DUP will take no action.

    Rather weaker than the UUP action of bringing down the Executive because someone took a few copies of papers as part of a spy ring.

  • Sean

    I dunno Steve as the whole Stormontgate was a put up job as well they mat well be parralel

  • Red Diesel

    Dunno, even if there was a signed copy of the minutes I wouldn’t trust them, not after last week.

  • Séamaí

    Difficult to say at this point what this latest attack was about.

    At least the BBC have it right in stating that that part of Newry is in Armagh and not Down, as UTV are claiming.

    The Belfast media often make the mistake that Newry (or An tIúr as some new signs say!) is only in one county.

  • Shore Road Resident

    I’m glad you’re focusing on the real issue here.

  • Carnagat, where the attack took place, is within Co. Armagh. The city is split between the two counties.

  • Séamaí


    I’ve said it’s difficult to say what the attack was about. I’ll wait for more info before i comment further.

    And what is your contribution excatly?

  • Has Jeffrey said that the DUP will take action only if the IRA is shown to have acted “corporately” in the Quinn murder?

    In the bygone days of yore on those Saturday mornings at the Ramada, does anyone remember Jeffrey using the same expression when he jousted against the Turtle?

    One characteristic of a corporation is full transparency for matters stipulated in company law. The IRA, on the other hand, is a criminal organisation surrounded by smoke and mirrors. I wonder if the whole sordid incident is going to be brushed under the carpet in the interests of “peace”. And I wonder if the DUP will be keen to press the issue to its logical conclusion, given the loss of face that the party would inevitably incur.

  • Cromwell

    “I dunno Steve as the whole Stormontgate was a put up job as well they mat well be parralel”

    That must be MI6 hacking into your keyboard Sean the Sheep.

  • harry

    and of course the SF people on the ground are now explaining away the Quinn murder, saying that he was “a bad wee bastard” and “deserved it”

    i must have missed the capital punishment provisions when reading the st. andrews agreement

  • agh

    harry – has that really been happening?
    All this almost puts more pressure on the DUP than SF. If the DUP do nothing, they get accused of allowing the shinners to get away with murder and if they pull out, they get blamed for pulling out of power sharing. Meanwhile the shinners sit back and let the governments hide their dirty work – nice one!

  • RG Cuan




    What planet are you on if you really think SF had something to do with this murder?

  • CTN

    It looks like only the alleged offending party will be omitted from the executive after Gordo’s interchange with Jeff D today, so if the provies did this then the govts can sin-bin SF without dissolving the executive…

  • New Yorker

    Have the police booked anyone yet for the Quinn murder? Who has the lead on the investigation, Garda or PSNI? It should not be a difficult case. With over a dozen suspects, they should be able to break at least a couple of them. If the booking is the result of information from the community, the grieving family would at least have the solace that they are not alone and abandoned. If not successful, the police damn well have a good explanation of themselves after all the international resources contributed to make them better than the previous police force. If there was good local policing, this horror probably could have been prevented.

  • Sean

    Cromwell I would sugest you are far more used to being a white wooly thing than I

    CTN Dream on

  • Tkmaxx

    Is n’t it funny – that the NIO put an advertisement in the paper today asking for views on a consultative paper on a new act called ‘Understanding Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide 2007’. I wonder if they had the corporate acts of paramilitaries in mind? Just a thought.

  • Rory

    “The city is split between the two counties.”

    If getting this right is so important could we not just say that maybe his legs were in Co. Armagh and his head and shoulders in Co. Down then both counties could claim equal credit?