Sinn Fein’s anti water tax campaign ends…

Going...The news on water is probably not as bad as many had anticipated. There is to be no privatisation, although that much was trailed. And the bills are not as ruinous as they could have been. Although it is not popular with the won’t pay group, who say it is Water Charging through the back door. Which may explain why those Sinn Fein posters finally disappeared on 2nd October, two working days after the review land landed on Conor Murphy’s desk. See the Going, Going, Gone set here..

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  • Different Drummer

    Are there still people out there who think the Shinners are radical revoloutionaries?

  • harry

    yes, i do,
    i think they are radical revolutionaries.
    they say they are, so i believe that.

    i mean, would anybody hold a Che Guevara night if they were not radical revolutionaries???

    no, i didnt think so!

    a sf voter.

  • no privatisation yet… that what these water charges are for to divy up the service for privatisation this is what the campaigns have been saying..

  • Frank Sinistra

    Looking for a christmas gift? I recommend this work of fiction. Its a wonderful piece of creative writing. Several of the devices used are almost too fantastical and occasionally suspending your disbelieve becomes difficult but the laughs come thick and fast. A howler on almost every page.


    Four legs good. Two legs better.

  • harry

    good lad orwell, had he a crystal ball??

    “It had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune… ‘Thanks to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon, how excellent this water tastes!'”

  • Garibaldy

    Orwell. A plagiarising, small minded, reactionary, informing English nationalist.

  • Different Drummer

    Hurry up Harry

    SF revolutionaries because they hold a Che night…you gotta be winding me up!

    Yessez I can just see big Ian in a Che T shirt giving the clenched fist slaute!!


    Garibaldy: “Orwell. A plagiarising, small minded, reactionary, informing English nationalist.”

    In a good way or a bad way?

  • sammaguire

    Why shouldn’t we pay for clean drinkable water delivered to our homes? If you think it should be free do you think electricity/gas should be supplied to your home free too??

  • Garibaldy


    Ha ha.


    We do pay for water already. And some things are an issue of public health etc and so government spending on it is exactly what government is for.

  • Rapunsel

    And Sam, Conor Murphy is clearly contradicting the position outline in the SF mainfesto. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that water services have to be paid for rather insulting the intelligence of the voters by claiming to be against water charges as a mainfesto committment and then introducing them! Actually it’s totally pathetic , tell you who Mr Murphy reminds me of– typical New Labour minister lacking any ideological commitment but dripping in managerial speak.

  • so whats this about it not being a seperate charge?