“A totally different animal to that which we have had in the past”….’s

More on the GUBU events at Stormont. Reg Empey and Gregory Campbell: ‘dancing on the head of a procedural pin’ (that would read ‘Jesuitical’ in old money – ed), or a subtle return to ‘Majority Rule’? A couple of things worth highlighting from today’s Politics Show:Fitzpatrick reads out the original statement from OFMDFM in July:

“The First and Deputy First Minister have seen and read your submission and they have agreed that the paper does not contain a decision for the Executive to take, therefore it follows that they do not feel that the issue should be brought before the Executive for their consideration.”

Martina Purdy quotes Robinson’s interview on Friday’s Newline:

“We at St Andrews sought to give the Executive the power so that if they took decisions Ministers couldn’t take a decision which was not in accordance with the Executives view on a matter. Now, this will test whether that has been sound. And that will be a lesson to us all.”


Adds: It might be useful to backcheck Campbell’s argument against Ritchie’s original statement.