“There is no intention to readvertise the position..”

So, despite the quoted OFDFM spokesman here, and all that apparently “ill-informed” speculation, the First and Deputy First mininsters agree on the Victims Commissioner. Agree that they will re-advertise the post, that is.. oh and there’ll be someone appointed by the end of the year.. honest.. Adds Full statement from the First and Deputy First ministers is careful to avoid any legal challenges from the previously shortlisted candidates.

“We would like to stress at this point that this decision in no way reflects on the people who were deemed appointable under the direct rule process. We fully acknowledge both their calibre and commitment. In fact we are asking those individuals if they would agree to their names being carried forward into this newly extended process. They won’t have to reapply, will not be re-interviewed, and will be considered along with any further applicants who are deemed appointable.”