South Park comes to TG4…

There’s a bit of controversy around TG4‘s decision to slot an Irish language version of South Park in the early evening slot. Leascheannasai Padhraic O’ Ciardha:

“It’s an extremely popular and globally recognised animated series with a twist,. We’re very happy to have got the Irish language rights for it and this allows us to devise our own script, without compromising the integrity of the programme.”

So far, he claims, there have been no complaints from the public. It’s broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.30, just before the evening news.


  • gaelgannaire


    As swearing (as opposed to cursing) is impossible in Gaelic, it is far less likely to cause offence.

  • DK

    “As swearing (as opposed to cursing) is impossible in Gaelic, it is far less likely to cause offence”

    If I remember right there isn’t any swearing in it anyway; that was reserved for the movie – whats the Gaelic for “unclefucker” anyway?

  • North Park

    feck, first its ulster they are trying to pollute now its South Park……where will it end

  • gaelgannaire



  • snakebrain

    what about “chocolate salty balls” gaelgannaire?

  • gaelgannaire


    Seacláid-Mhagairlí Sailte. But i would’nt have much experience of the like.

  • “O mo Dhia! Maraíodh siad Cainnigh!”

  • An Lochlannach

    Má bhíonn sé chomh holc leis an Ghaeilge a bhíonn ar TG4 de ghnáth ní thuigfidh aon duine é cibé ar bith. Sin ráite, tá mé ag dúil le ‘Mac Uí Ancaí, cac na Nollag’

    If the Irish is as bad as it usually is on TG4 no one will understand it anyway. Having said that, I’m looking forward to ‘Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo’

  • rubin

    ‘Seacláid-Mhagairlí Sailte’

    I’ve ordered a run of t-shirts already 🙂

  • “most episodes had been customised in the Irish version to eliminate anything that might be unsuitable for a teenage audience,”

    I was actually going to say “Well done” to TG4 until I read that. The vast majority of South Park’s audience is teenage (the remainder being mostly early 20s).

  • snakebrain

    Are they silent movies now? What’s the point of owning the Irish language rights if you have to cut out all the language? I imagine there’s not going to be much left after the censors get their scissors on it.

    Has anyone seen the Simpsons where Marge makes the TV company clean up Itchy and Scratchy and they end up having a cuddlefest instead of the more usual ultraviolence? Proof positive of why sanitation is not a self-evident good..

  • pfhl

    i Can not see it working in an early evening spot, South has some pretty sick bits, i find it very funny but not for anybody too young. If is one of the most offensive programms on but im sure ill continue to watch it.

  • darth rumsfeld

    an easy one for you Irish speakers

    “Kyle’s mom is a big fat bitch”

    or given the day that’s in it
    “David McNarry’s a big fat bitch”

    I’ll get me sash

  • RG Cuan

    Tá sé feicithe agam agus caithfidh mé a rá go bhfuil sé maith. Tá sé go fóill tarraingteach do dhéagóirí déarfainn ach seans go bhfuil sé ar siúl giota beag ró-luath.

    Seen it, quite good, still will attract teenagers.

  • Colm Tom Mhóir

    Níl’s agam cén fáth go mbeadh éinne ag gearáin faoin gclár, tá sé an-ghreannmhar an-chliste ach fós chuile rud chomh lofa mar an clár Béarla, a Dheabhail lofa.
    Ní bhíonn an focal “foc” athraithe mórán ach an oiread, mar a bheas a fhios ag chuile Gaeil tá an focal sin i mbéal na nGael le fada an lá.
    Ach baintear úsáid as an “bíp” chun cluasa na bpáistí a chosaint.
    Agus is léir ón gclár aréir go bhfuil eagar éicint curtha ar an gclár chun cuid den bhforéigean a laghdú…beagáinín

  • O’ Ciardha said TG4 had not yet received any complaints about the scheduling.

    Thats a lie I emailed TG4 about its time slot, I think its too early to put on the show especially if you’re just going to cut it.

    He must not have watched the show becuase there a couple of episodes about tv executives like him making stupid decision like that.