Further meetings.. and further negotiations..

Here’s a report worth looking at in more detail, if we ever get more detail that is. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Shaun Woodward, is reported to have announced that, following those meetings yesterday [So much for respect.. – Ed]

“The IICD has informed the government that a meeting has taken place between the IICD and the UDA at which decommissioning was discussed,” the Secretary of State said. “The Commission has confirmed that meaningful engagement and negotiations have started. Named interlocutors have been appointed and further meetings are planned.”

It comes ahead of the deadline set by the Social Development minister – on continuing funding of the project previously negotiated between the UPRG/UDA and the NIO.. Excuse my scepticism… But Delphic utterances or not, the NIO seem to have thrown the UDA, and the UPRG project, another life-line.. Forgetting, for the moment, about that “serious and organised crime linked to the activities of the UDA” Adds BBC report And With Jim Fitzpatrick “talking to” the UPRG’s Frankie Gallagher on Sunday’s Politics Show any chance of some “stupid questions”? Like, say, when do you hope to have built up enough support on the back of this publicly funded scheme to stand for election, Frankie? Final update Just a reminder that, in a previous incarnation, Shaun Woodward was forced to clarify his overly-optimistic comments about the criminal activity of another paramilitary group.. and his then-boss was compelled to intervene..