“My aim is to get money into the hands of the classroom assistants..”

Some more detail on the Education minister and that apparently last-minute “point of principle” from this Belfast Telegraph report. Still no signs of that dose of realism..

Caitriona Ruane outlined her position and said the visit would be rescheduled: “I am disappointed the visit did not take place. I had arrived at the venue and saw what appeared to be a Nipsa picket line with official strike placards and I left immediately. I spoke personally with the organiser and explained my position on not crossing the picket line and he respected my position. The visit will be rescheduled. My aim is to get money into the hands of the classroom assistants and resolve this dispute to avoid disruption for our children.”

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  • me

    The special schools are all out as of monday, shame on ruane, and shame on the assistants for causing disruption to vulnerable children. They ought to be ashamed of them selves.

  • patrique

    Well why don’t you volunteer to do it instead? You go into the classroom, or are you to busy earning money.

    That’s how come the Government can afford to underpay assistants, nurses and all the rest. Fools on the street go “oh, the poor children/elderly/patients”

    The very fact that they are vulnerable is why these workers should be paid more. The way things are going the only people interested in working with vulnerable children for low wages will be people from the Sex Offenders List.

    So obviously the Government doesn’t think they are that vulnerable, or doesn’t care.

    Put the blame where it lies.

  • JBL

    Just get Newt to libel them and they can get it tax free!

  • Glen Taisie

    Adams to drop Ruane and replace her with Mary Lou


  • CTN

    Adams should drop himself after 40 years of futile carnage and nihilism- but dictators never do…