Is Conor preparing to swallow a bitter (water) pill?

One sharp eyed reader noticed that the massive poster protesting against any future imposition of water rates, which had been fixed on the side of Sinn Fein’s North Belfast Constituency Office on the Antrim Road has been taken down. He reports, “It was there on my way to church on Sunday morning, but when I came past this morning it has disappeared. It must have gone in the last few days.” Hmmm…. could there be a connection between the disappearance of that poster and the arrival of a review document on Conor Murphy’s desk. We can only wait and see, but whilst the minister was clear that the privatisation allegedly planned by the previous NIO ministers would not go ahead, nothing has been said about water charges:

Mr Murphy and his executive colleagues will be faced with a tough decision on whether they should continue to defer the charges or introduce them despite originally opposing them during the Assembly Election.

Another reader asks: If there is a Westminster election, will Minister Murphy’s department be expected to go into Purdah: thereby burying any difficult news until after the campaign is over?

That’s of course, if there is to be an election, or indeed, whether Mr Murphy is to be the candidate.