PSNI moving beyond PMOS speak

A former colleague “Bob” hails the PSNI in Londonderry for rejecting the PMOS stock response to events, and even moving beyond the statistical analysis approach. He has an interesting name for the new PSNI ‘calling a spade a spade’ PR approach. Filed under “normal politics” I think.That quote:

This was the fault of a drunken mob who went on the rampage. Martina Anderson can come and talk to me rather than indulge in old fashioned Sinn Fein rhetoric from 10 years ago which is now totally out of date.

Early in the evening police were able to identify that the mood of some individuals was aggressive, mostly due to excessive drinking. This can often create an unpredictable situation and on this occasion it spilled into violence.

  • conor

    Where is Londonderry Michael?

  • Dawkins

    Oh no, Conor :0(

  • Dec

    Maybe he should invite Mark Durkan to come and talk to him, seeing the SDLP leader was less than impressed with the PSNI reaction as well(or might it create the wrong impression for a senior officer in the PSNI to label the claims of both Nationalist parties as ‘outdated rhetoric’). He could also pinpoint exactly to the Derry ratepayers where exactly those paving slabs he referred to were ripped up from.

  • yoyo

    “Where is Londonderry Michael?”

    Don’t even go there girlfriend….

  • audley

    Conor, Londonderry is about 3 miles south of Muff, Co Donegal, where Michael plans to build an airport.

  • Dawkins

    … and possibly a diving school :0)

  • Eddie

    The sort of reaction exhibited by Conor re Michael calling the place Londonderry can often devalue decent arguments. Though I’m not a nationalist, I’ve always called it Derry, even when some pompous loyalists “correct” me. If Michael wants to call it Londonderry, and it makes him happy, then, let him.
    Same if Conor calls it Derry. Making points about it, or trying to ram either version down people’s throats, makes we want to boke. Let’s get on with the things that matter and “If it rains, let it”

  • K man

    Get with the times Dawkins, the Muff diving club has been running some years now! I also get a good giggle at the Muff health centre, just behind “Top” service station.

    For some time the roundabouts in Stroke city were sponsored by local businesses, the “Top” chain of filling stations being one of them, leading to signs on the roundabouts reading:

    “This roundabout maintained by Top Muff”

    They eventually stopped when they couldn’t replace the stolen signs. Leefal…

    Fair play to Ricky Russell for cutting at least SOME of the BS.

  • Dawkins

    K man,

    Jeeze, so truth really can be stranger than fiction! Amazing :0)