Ireland’s last chance

At the minute France are punishing Georgia for daring to think they might have a had a chance at an upset, although the Georgians have had only 4 days since their previous game. Adds France win 64 – 7. Oh, and Ireland are getting ready [hopefully – Ed] to face those Pumas. Kick-off 4pm at the Parc des Princes. As I may have mentioned, a win by 8 points and at least 4 tries are required against Argentina for Ireland to go through to join England and Scotland in the quarter-finals.. against a side that has yet to concede a try.. But here’s some, probably misplaced, optimism. And the Guardian’s Scott Murray, who’s less optimistic, predicts “Argentinian fly half Juani Hernandez is going to hoof Garryowen after Garryowen towards his opposite number Ronan O’Gara..” Half-time Ireland 10 – 18 Argentina. Ireland have 1 try.. but Argentina have 2.. Full-time Ireland 15 – 30 Argentina. A better performance from Ireland, but too many turnovers and just not good enough. The Pumas, deservedly, go through to play Scotland in the quarter-final in Paris. Leaving France to play the All-Blacks.. in Cardiff. Ireland, deservedly, go home.

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