“an enhanced and expanded project”

In April this year the Director of the Ulster Museum, John Gilmour, claimed that they were “still on target” to complete the controversial renovation of the listed building on time. Today the BBC report that they’re not and that it will cost £3m more than initially envisaged. Nothing yet from the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society.

The increase is being met through additional investment from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (£2.2m) and approximately £1m raised through a fundraising initiative by National Museums Northern Ireland.

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  • http://threethousandversts.blogspot .com

    Sums up my feelings on this sorry debacle.

  • ice-9

    Changing the subject slightly, but Belfast really is grossly malnourished in terms of museums or indeed anything whatsoever for tourists to do. After the “bus tour” what else is there?

    I work in the city centre and it’s astonishing just how many of them there are here now. They walk around looking slightly lost and it’s hard not to be ever so slightly embarrassed. I had one couple ask me the way to “all the redeveloped dock land with the bars and restaurants”. Come back in 50 years folks.

    Very few cities elsewhere have so little though in terms of visitor attractions and with the NITB amongst others pursuing it so aggressively at present I imagine we risk losing further visitors from negative word of mouth.

    With marketable brands (regardless of what we locals may think of them) such as Titanic, C.S. Lewis and George Best it’s not like we don’t have something to build on.