“can’t take the people of the country for gullible fools…”

If you’re expecting, or hoping, for a shock from the vote I wouldn’t necessarily hold your breath, but Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is facing his first no confidence vote on the first day of the new Dáil session. It, of course, relates to his convoluted testimony to the Mahon Tribunal. Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny in the Dáil, “Has the Taoiseach told the truth to the Irish people, to this Dáil and to the Mahon Tribunal. My answer: he has not.”, and new Labour Party leader, Eamon Gilmore, has pointed out in his speech, “The credibility of the Taoiseach is a matter of public importance”. In this updating report Mr Ahern is quoted in the Dáil – “I am satisfied my evidence will be vindicated” – full speech here. [Ermm, which evidence would that be, Bertie? – Ed] Adds no surprises there then – the motion was defeated 81 to 76 votes