“or they can’t agree..”

According to the Belfast Telegraph’s Chris Thornton, quoting “unionist sources”, Lady Daphne Trimble is one of the names on the short-list for the still-to-be-appointed Victims’ Commissioner and he points out that “A shortlist was handed to the First Ministers soon after they took up office in May.” It provides the Alliance Party’s Naomi Long, deputy chair of the First Ministers’ scrutiny committee, the opportunity to echo her party leader’s comments

“People have been extremely patient. I do think it’s time for some action. Either this process is flawed – in which case they should say so and start again – or they can’t agree. If that’s the case, it doesn’t bode well for any other major projects they have to decide together.”

Meanwhile the Newsletter reports that – “The DUP has confirmed it is to request UK and US government pressure is applied to Libya.. to settle the civil action being taken against [Gaddafi] by IRA victims in the US courts.”The Belfast Telegraph report also points out that

The First Ministers could scrap the process and start over but are legally obliged to appoint a Victims’ Commissioner.

Lady Trimble, a solicitor, is former First Minister Lord Trimble’s wife. She is a member of the Equality Commission, has raised funds for victims in the US with Pat Hume, former SDLP leader John Hume’s wife, and sits on the board of the Northern Ireland Memorial Fund.

She is among several prospective candidates who declined to comment when contacted by the Belfast Telegraph.