“I respect Margaret looking for an answer to this.”

The BBC are reporting shots fired in a second attack in Carrickfergus linked to the good/bad UDA. We’ve also had Methodist minister the Rev Harold Good giving his view to the Irish Times [subs req] – “I was told that the UDA is planning something significant for Remembrance Day on November 11th, which could be put on hold if the Minister pulls the funding” – [yes, we’ve already heard that, Harold – Ed] and Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward, MP, has spoken about the 9 October deadline. Added PA report

Mr Woodward told the BBC: “You have to understand that those communities that have been in the grip of this kind of paramilitary activity need help to get out of it. What Margaret has got to do… is make a decision about whether there is a better way of using that money. I respect Margaret looking for an answer to this.”

Oh, and the UPRG’s Frankie Gallagher, who is reported to be one of those employed under that publicly funded scheme, has added his opinion of the recent violence [scroll down]

However, Frankie Gallagher from the Ulster Political Research Group – which gives political analysis to the UDA – said it was not responsible for Saturday night’s attack.

He said recent violence in Carrickfergus was the result of the UDA’s attempts to deal with crime.

In response to which here’s a handy quote – “The criminals must be dealt with by the PSNI.”