“not interested in vague promises of what they might do or might have done”

It’s probably safe to say that this is a sign that the de facto leader of the UDA, Jackie McDonald [one of those “good guys in Carrickfergus” – Ed], is feeling the pressure. He’s told Brian Rowan that the UDA were planning “a “significant statement” indicating ” significant progress” and claims the Northern Ireland Office has known about it for some time.” Only he can’t reveal the detail and it wouldn’t be announced until 11 November.. That deadline is 9 October. Brian Rowan is, correctly, sceptical of McDonald’s claim. And the Social Development minister has responded.

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  • slug

    Margaret Ritchie’s approach is very courageous and very refreshing.

  • Fitzy

    it certainly would be nice if there was a queue unionist politicians standing behind Mrs. Ritchie. I know they generally back this move, but i wish they were obnoxiously loud and supportive of her stand.

  • rob

    i tink its interesting, a couple of weeks ago i posted a comment (and its not often i do) about the UDA in Ballysillan and who to buy your drugs from, that comment was deleted, anyhoo!!! how can you, Pete, get away with naming the defacto leader of the UDA and I cant get away with naming the UDA drug dealing scum in the Ballysillan?????

  • Glen Taisie

    Margaret Ritchie the only Executive Ministerwith backbone.

  • notasluggerfool

    Interesting development. Who will blink first? It seems to me that both the UDA and Margaret Ritchie have backed themselves into a bit of a problem here. Deadlines are well known to come and go and nothing happen so what can be done to break the deadlock? I wonder as the October 9th deadline approaches whether Ritchie will lose her nerve? And if she does stop this funding what will happen?

  • I wonder…

    Fair play to Margaret.

    I see a lot of utterly unfounded slagging of the executive as *ineffective.*

    This ignores Ms Ritchies efforts.

    But then political commentary is never mysogynistic..

  • ladysnowblood

    Rob, are you going to name names again ?

    [No he’s not – edited moderator]

  • Ranger1640

    100% of the people who live in the areas were the uda and their little Cesar’s operate would be delighted if Jackie McDonald an all the uda scum would feck away off and leave the people to get on with their lives.

    Instead of giving Jackie McDonald and the little Cesar’s money they should be taken to IRAQ thrown out in the middle of Baghdad with signs saying we bought weapons form Mossad.

    This is what the people want for Christmas, make Christmas come early and take them today.

  • joeCanuck

    Jackie McDonald says that the minister has dug the hole. Well, even if you accept his nonsense prattling, there is a hole and he and his mates are in it.
    Usual advice applies in this situation “STOP DIGGING”

  • mchinadog


    I am not sure whether you have been out of the country for a while but I have heard many unionists both with a large and small u support Minister Ritchie and the reasoning behind her declaration not to fund the UDA, I for one with a large U congratulate her on her stand I only hope that she upholds her declaration. The Unionist and Loyalist people who live in the areas which are under the control of the UDA/URPG want these people of their backs, so I just hope that Minister Ritchie carries out her threat to withdraw the funding things are getting tight as the October 9th deadline approaches and there is no move by the UDA. A number of the benefactors of this money are themselves UDA/URPG members why not give it directly to community groups on the ground who will use it for the benefit of the community and not to feather their own nest.


    “Jackie McDonald says that the minister has dug the hole”.
    Well I just hope they keep digging and the hole is big enough to take all of the UDA /URPG

  • Fens

    Censorship is it? Well let me put it this way. The UDA as it is is unnecessary. If a United Ireland is imposed there will be plenty of rubble in Dublin were buildings once stood.

    If everyone abides by the GFA not so.

  • nineteensixtyseven

    Go Margaret!

  • Having dumped a casino’s worth of chips on the table, Margaret can’t fold now or we’ll all be the poorer as these bastards will realise they can hold us all to ransom.

    If she holds her nerve, I reckon there will be more than a few South Down voters from all sorts of political positions who’ll remember Minister Ritchie facing down the UDA come General Election time. If she pulls this off, she wins politically and we all win in terms of a better society.

  • I wonder…

    hmm, thats an interesting thought about s.down..2 Ministers fighting it out?

  • bollix

    a bunch of gangsters criticising a minister for not paying them money to stop being gangsters whilst they continue being gangsters.

    the mind boggles at the logical twists necessary to blame ritchie for this.

    The SDLP may generally be ineffective, but this is one measure of theirs with genuine backbone. I back ritchie 100% here. If she manages to see it through, it is a victory for the rule of law and for peace. If the UDA hold onto their money now, it is a victory for gangsterism. It is key that all other political parties support her.

  • justthoughtidask

    I concur 100%.
    The greater problem is when you start to treat these people as being important, they start to act important and they then become important. No doubt as usual tomorrows Sunday World will read like a propoganda sheet for the ‘good’ UDA. The ‘bad’ UDA will get another lambasting.
    After the deadline the money should be stopped and the PSNI told to clear all of them out. There is no support at all for any of them within the unionist community bar a noisy handful of misfits and renegades.

  • POL

    Ahhh c`mon wait for the “SIGNIFICANT STATEMENT” on remembrance sunday……it could be as significant as last years….hmmmm what was last years?