“tired old warmongers”

It might seem to be an unlikely meeting of minds, but with the reported comments of Alliance leader, David Ford at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, we now have David Ford, the UUP’s Danny Kennedy and Irish News columnist Brian Feeney on the same page.. on one point at least. Adds Nevin, in the comments zone below, points to the Alliance party statement.From David Ford’s reported comments

Addressing delegates at Brighton, he said Alliance was the only party capable of challenging the administration led by the “tired old warmongers” Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness.

He said: “The executive is struggling with its own internal contradictions – a right wing populist DUP leading the executive along with Sinn Fein which has barely moved away from its revolutionary Marxism.

“To avoid a breakdown in that fragile consensus between them they are prepared to go to any lengths to avoid making difficult decisions.”

And as I mentioned previously

And that’s all before we get to the serious areas of disagreement.