Shoukri suddenly pleads guilty on 18 of 19 charges

Whilst the convoluted story of the charges against Ihab Shoukri winds its way towards the courts [eventually.. – Ed] The equally convoluted story of the other Shoukri brother, Andre, took a surprising turn today. As the BBC reports, “The case involving Shoukri and three others, had been listed only for “mention” at Belfast Crown Court, but his defence lawyer asked that he be re-arraigned on 18 of the 19 charges he faced.” And when re-arraigned he pleaded guilty to the 18 charges. Of course, when the offences occured he would have still been in the hierarchy of a certain organisation.There could be yet another twist to come, though. From the BBC report

A prosecution barrister said that the remaining charge was to “remain on the books” and would not proceed.

No details of the charge were given, but he added that the reasons behind the move would be given at a later date.

Shoukri’s counsel said his client was now ready for sentence as the defence were not seeking pre-sentence reports in his case.

However, the judge adjourned sentencing until after the trial of Shoukri’s former co-accused next month.