“Reddan has dynamite in his legs…”

Call it desparation if you like, but everyone but the French seem to have written off Ireland’s chances in Paris tomorrow night. Raphael Ibanez: “I do not believe that they are a team in decline. Maybe they are suffering but that only makes them more dangerous.” He’s a club team mate of O’Sullivan’s surprise new scrum half choice, Eoin Reddan:

“…he is a very provocative player, who likes to take control of a game and who gets his forwards very involved around the rucks. I think that Eddie O’Sullivan wanted to add some dynamism to the team’s game and he certainly has done that because Reddan has dynamite in his legs.”

For now, it makes sense to plan for success, but prepare for adversity…

  • I’m sick of Stringer being the scapegoat. At least fecking Boss isn’t playing. Prancing poodle mulleted numpty.

  • Mick Fealty

    Playing the ball there Ziz? Maybe you should bring your boots and kit to Paris tomorrow? Maybe taking great lumps out of the French team is our best hope?

  • Although Ireland will lose tomorrow I don’t expect a heavy beating. I think we’ll see a much improved performance. Dropping Strings, effectively for a loose pass, and drafting in a player who hasn’t been used in the warm-ups is a wild decision though.

  • barneyben

    If BOD is picking the team, the LEINSTER team, then what’s Eddie there for?

  • Ireland are Even Money (+14 Points) on the handicap betting tomorrow night. Overly generous, I believe, and well worth a decent size bet…

  • Mick Fealty

    Your money rather than mine mac. I’m sticking to betting on politics. But I hope you win a packet.

  • pith

    “Reddan has dynamite in his legs…”

    How does he light it?

  • Lafcadio

    dropping strings for “a loose pass”??? how about the most overdue decision in Irish rugby in recent history – if you actually watch the matches, rather than just relying on reputation and munster-fan hype, you’ll have seen that he has been at best average, and at worst appalling for the better part of his career – his much-vaunted “superior pass” was his only trick, and was in fact pretty hit an miss. Boss, while his form has suffered somewhat in the past few months, and Reddan are both manifestly better players.

    Stringer is a hangover from a previous way of playing 9 – a little fella to sling the ball back. Look at all the top 9s in the world, Kelleher, Gregan, du Preez, Ellisalde, Peel – they all bring more to the table than simply shipping the ball, they keep defences honest around the fringes, kick well, and are strong enough to retain possession in contact – stringer can do none of those things.

    long overdue – hopefully we’ll never have to resort to him agin.

  • Dewi

    Me and the sweet Joanna going to Wales Japan tinight. Incredibly, only 35,000 tickets sold, despite prices from £16. Welsh public so fickle.

  • ulsterfan

    Reddan deserves his chance.
    Stringer is coming to the end of his career and he has had a long run.
    Before he came on the scene we had some very poor/weak scrum halves and he was a breath of fresh air.
    Without any real challenge he held his place too long. EOS should have been less loyal to him and to others.
    Younger players need to get experience.
    As it stands Ireland will have a long road of recovery and for a few years will be poor.

  • Ulsterfan makes a good point. Stringer is not world class and I am not a fan but do you remember Rob Saunders? It could be a lot worse.