Follow-up to BBC/RAF story…

AFTER Private Eye highlighted how a senior BBC Northern Ireland editor was also a senior RAF spin doctor, Mike Cairns resigned his military post.

  • PeaceandJustice

    There was no reason for him to resign. We have to put up with some people in BBC NI who support Sinn Fein IRA. Are they going to resign as well given that the Sinn Fein IRA terrorist ‘army’ council is still in existence?

  • páid

    The clue to the socio-cultural agenda of the BBC is contained in it’s title.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well I thought it pretty honourable of the guy to resign just like that.

  • Pete Baker


    Before you praise the reaction to the pressure exerted by the coverage there are a few questions worth considering.

    Did he attempt to hide his role in the RAF reservists?

    Is there any evidence that he compromised his full-time job, in the BBC, because of his role in the RAF reservists?

    Does being a member of the reservists now exclude a full-time job in the BBC/Civil Service/other?

  • Nevin
  • Pete Baker


    If you’re trying to answer the questions..

    ..try to answer the questions directly.

  • Harry Flashman

    Wow, so it has come to this, men and women willing to give up their spare time to serve and defend the United Kingdom cannot also be employed by the publicly funded BBC.

    Are there any other categories to be excluded? Irish Republicans? Members of the Muslim Council of Britain? Greenpeace members? Amnesty International activists? Guardian columnists?

    Or is it only serving members of the British Armed Forces who are to be excluded from work in the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation?

  • Prince Eoghan

    >>Does being a member of the reservists now exclude a full-time job in the BBC/Civil Service/other?<


    You must have broke the mould when they made you, can’t be too many old fashioned British imperialists left in Derry, can there?

  • interested

    “Well I thought it pretty honourable of the guy to resign just like that.”

    I think that one statement says more about you than all of your other posts to this site combined.

    There was nothing honourable about resigning, or feeling that he had to resign from this post.

    Your original post describing him as producing “military propaganda” could have been the kind of drivel produced by SF themselves. A nasty grubby little incident where the nasty, grubby little people seem to have won. And it would appear that you revel in that gonzo.

  • Unfortunately, this does set a precedent. There are plenty of other organisations – ones that actually have a current active role in NI politics – that ought to be a disqualifying condition under this way of thinking.

    All SF members and Orangemen must be dismissed from the civil service at once! Now there’s clarity for ya.

  • Harry Flashman

    Ah now Eoghan it’s hardly imperialistic to point out the injustice here, I would feel exactly the same if a serving member of the Irish Army reserve was forced to resign from RTE. But it wouldn’t happen because the Irish have confidence in themselves and their nation and would never stoop to the self-abasement which seems to predominate in modern British public institutions.

  • páid


    “the Irish have confidence in themselves and their nation”

    You haven’t been following the rugby threads, obviously 🙂

  • Shore Road Resident

    Could being married to a former Sinn Fein publicity director disqualify someone from working for the BBC?