“A recommendation to decline the application is expected..”

The Environment Minister Arlene Foster is due to appear in front of the Assembly’s Environment Committee on Thursday, and the National Trust apears to be rolling up its sleeves [Adds new link for that NT reference] in preparation for a fight. Meanwhile the Belfast Telegraph’s David Gordon has got his hands on an internal Department of Enterprise memo, on the planning application by Seymour Sweeney.. the application the Environment Minister is minded to approve. From the Belfast Telegraph report

The document was written in April by a senior Department of Enterprise (DETI) civil servant closely involved in plans for a publicly-funded visitor centre. The recipient was DETI’s permanent secretary Stephen Quinn. Referring to the current position regarding Mr Sweeney’s Causeway planning application, the memo stated: “A recommendation to decline the application is expected to go to the Planning Service Management Board this week. It will be a matter for the Management Board to decide what action is taken next.”