“We`ve spent the summer preparing..”

As I was saying, Ireland to face Georgia, and it’s close to kick-off time. Earlier today New Zealand dealt mercilessly with Portugal who to their credit played bravely throughout, despte the scoreline. And Wales ruffled the Aussies but paid the price for a poor first half performance. So pour yourself a stiff drink and settle in for the evening.. it could be a bumpy ride.

“We`ve spent the summer preparing but not playing rugby.”

Well it’s time to start playing now. Hopefully we’ll be singing later. Half-time Ireland 7 Georgia 3 And it’s been very bumpy so far.. Final Score Ireland 14 Georgia 10. So Ireland get the win, but no bonus point. As the commentator said “The bigger men and the bigger hearts have been Georgian tonight.” That’s probably not as surprising as it might seem. Ireland, unlike Georgia, had everything to lose.. but there was an absence of poise, hunger, and technique that will have Argentina and France looking forward to their games against Ireland. Adds And an absence of an effective game-plan.


  • moochin photoman

    Allez les Vertes

  • Frank Sinistra

    We want five points here but what is the view on an acceptable performance? Clearly playing well is a must but what kind of margin should we be hoping for? +30? More?

  • Fraggle

    Good solid try from Rory Best. Nice one.

  • moochin photoman

    A good performance will be a reduction in the unforced errors, a cohesive plan well applied………it’s not looking that good at the mo.
    Wallace in the sin bin is a joke, the Georgians are constantly fringing off side and their hooker only got a warning for it early on!!
    They are formidable opponents for sure but experience and knowledge of the game at this level should see us through but by how many? I’d say 20 points will do it.

  • jone

    There’s something badly wrong here…it’s years since I’ve seen us look so disjointed and lacking in ideas. Tonight’s team is the most capped ever but given the lack of intuition you’d never know it.

  • jone

    Georgia lead…what a mess.

  • Nevin

    IRE 7:10 GEO

  • moochin photoman

    I can’t feckin believe this get the basics right and the rest follows.
    Stringer will be off shortly if there is any justice he is not distributing the ball quick enough, waste of feckin space.

  • GavBelfast

    Will class tell in the end?

    Or will Ireland sneak it?


  • Frank Sinistra

    We are reduced to hoping Georgia tire? What is going on.

  • Pete Baker

    Argentina beat Georgia 33-3

    But at half-time the score was only 6-3.

  • jone

    At the risk of picking out one player in what has been an all round dismal display Stringer has been particularly poor again.

    This is a shameful night for Irish rugby.

  • Fraggle

    Time is running out. What a mess.

  • jone

    What a lot of shite that was. Cock-eyed kicking, arthritic passing, an inability to control the ball and a general weariness in approach.

    The Georgians could easily have taken us.

    A disgraceful display by so-called professionals. They may as well fly home now before making an even bigger show.

  • moochin photoman

    Professional rugby players my ballax!
    Feckin bunch of amateurs.

    Fair play to the Georgians they played it hard and close to the maul/ruck and battered us. What is it with the players standing at beside the maul with an arm up in the air not attacking the maul/ruck. We lost so many balls to turn overs its a feckin joke.
    I am in shock at how bad that performance was………. win or no win that was ATROCIOUS!

  • British

    Fantastic, if only the Georgian kicks where on target towards the end.

  • moochin photoman

    If only you had scored against South Africa!!!

  • British

    Reigning champs to your raining chumps.

  • IJP

    We can’t go on like this. Really it’s time for an all-Ireland rugby team.

    Oh, hang on, that *was* an all-Ireland team… oh dear…

  • Jackie Fuller Tan

    Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Georgia-our teams aren’t very good against Eastern European opposition, are they?

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    Stringer has to go – why Reddan is not given a chance is a mystery, Murphy and Neil Best got to come in. O’Gara’s kicking was shocking but probably have to stay. 2 poor games from D’arcy -who rarely has a poor game. Wallace and Leamy at least gave it a go. As Paul Wallce said on telly Ireland underestimated Georgia – not enough players at the breakdown , support play dreadful. Going to lose by 40 to France unless complete turn around. If we lose to France we are out as no bonus point from this game – shocker. Any Kerry players available for next week?

  • moochin photoman

    Wallace yes, Leamy no he lost the ball on too many occasions.
    Wether or not we underestimated the georgians we had enough experience on the field to play them off the park but we didn’t. What the feck’s that about?
    And i hate to say it but O’Driscoll has been shown up as an inadequate Captain.

  • Donnacha

    I agree with you Moochin. O’Dricoll doesn’t need and doesn’t appear to be up to the burden of captaincy. O’Connell captain and let’s hope that France and Argentina are down to three fit players each by the time we meet them. On the NZ/Portugal game, despite the fact that NZ played as though it was an exhibition match (poor combinations, five front-rowers on the park etc) I have to say the spirit in which the game was played was heartening. I was delighted Portugal scored a try and the smiles on everyone’s faces afterwards spoke volumes.

  • That was embarassing. Fair play to Georgia, but we were shite.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it


    I think captaincy is pretty irrelevant – people lead by example – O’Connell or anyone else didnt show much of that. This is about being outplayed by Georgia – havent seen the stats but they must have won far more turnovers than us. Perhaps its an age thing but looks more like they had been drugged or prehaps bribed.

    Only good thing is we got out of jail and expecatations are genuinely rock bottom – it is possible though unlikely we will play better when expected to loose.

  • iluvni

    Just as well for Ireland that Georgia rested 11 first choice players for their match against Namibia.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done it

    By way of deflecting attention away from theGeorgian shocker towards our beloved neighbours – a quote from Rugby365

    “With England looking like a pub XV with an ambitious fixture secretary”

  • moochin photoman

    Naah i think the hype and expectation around O’Driscoll has taken it’s toll.
    This was lost and won up front and the gain line at the breakdown wasn’t contested enough by us. Normally we relsih the conflict but not tonight. The Georgians beat us hands down there, the possesion was around 60% to them!!!
    As Capt you would expect BOD to be leading by example, that he didn’t get the ball was down to the supply, Stringer who had a stinker by either holding it up allowing them to attack or regroup, or missed timed passes(interception anyone) and O’Gara who kicked far too much ball, often right down their throats.
    A win is a win is a win but FFS they have to get their arses in gear!

  • Bretagne

    Just watched a bit of the embarrassing Logie on UTV – I’d get rid of him and give Nigel Carr the seat.

    So I switched over to Setanta and Mr Neil Francis had it about spot on as always – he said Ireland would struggle b4 the game and was proven right.

    So time for some changes – for France I go for…

    Murphy (who won’t kick aimlessy)
    O Driscoll
    Trimble (D’arcy nowhere tonight)
    Hickey (at least he kicked the best tonight)
    O ‘Gara (no options – but force the f**ker out if the pocket)
    Reddan (the in-form scrum half)
    Leamy (just about….)
    Wallace (does get isolated too much)
    O Callaghan (better tonight than for a while)

    I dont like ODriscoll as captain. Not once (apart from remonstrating with Stringer for the intercept) did I see him making a captains decision. No leadership except Flannery by example.

    I would go for Flannery for this coming game for captain.

    I would also castrate the first f**ker to kick the ball aimlessly to the opposition – 32% possession tonight- (I guess that includes the time the ball spent in the air from kicks)

    Not one garryonwen did Ireland kick that i saw.
    No chasers to the poor our kicks

    You’d swear the ball was made from dynamite the way these guys were getting shot of it – if they kick to the French – they’ll score the bonus point by half-time. (I am slightly disappointed)

  • sammaguire

    What have they been doing since the 6 Nations. Too much time in the gym; too little match practice methinks. On to more serious things why were UTV broadcasting the match about 2.5 seconds after TV3? Am I the only bright spark that noticed this??

  • páid


    an interesting post.

  • abucs

    Well done Georgia.

    What is happening to Ireland, England, France ???

    Fair play IJP.

  • The Serpent

    Its turning into Rugger O’Toole…..

    Yes…I know where the door is >>>>>>>>>>

  • confused

    People are annoyed because they thought Ireland would do better.
    I have believed for nearly year that this is not a good team and in truth they are playing to their full potential.
    After the WC I want to see a complete clear out of players to include Stringer Ogara Hayes O Callaghan (although he has one more chance to redeem himself) and re negotiation of EOS contract)
    We deserved our rankings at he end of last season but have been on the slide ever since.
    Four poor matches in the last 12 months is not acceptable. The coaching staff are also to blame when players like this find it impossible to pass out of a tackle something NZ can do in their sleep.

  • JoM

    At least they drew the second half. Maybe next game they will win it?

  • IJP


    Well spotted!

    I said on here three years ago that what we need is not daft talk about soccer union or rugby partition, it’s better access to sporting facilities across the island (and indeed across the British Isles).

    The longer we go on with a situation where getting to representative level requires sacrifice on behalf of parents, the longer the UK and Ireland’s sporting record will be an appalling embarrassment.

    Ireland should take the lead in this record, with a Scandinavian-style system that once talent is spotted, the State takes on the financial responsibility for developing it.

    (Apparently I’m right-wing, by the way…)

  • IJP

    Record? I mean regard, of course…

  • rethinking unionism

    Ireland lack belief and seems to have peaked 6 months ago. The scenario of beating Georgia with the help of the video referee is the closest we have dcome in rugby ters to true national humiliation. Neil Best may make a differnce as could Geordan Murphy but they have to find a different attitude and a will to win. Such a pity…best Irish team on paper we have ever fielded with several world class players

  • Not one garryonwen did Ireland kick that i saw.
    No chasers to the poor our kicks

    No chasers to anything. No support at line breaks. Two or three forwards lazily ambling into rucks where Georgia swarmed in like a blood vessel full of red corpuscles. Basically, we didn’t look all that bothered.

    We were very lucky not to be on the wrong side of the biggest shock in international rugby history, and if we play like this next week, France are going to put 50 past us.

  • Dessertspoon

    (To be sung to the tune of Irelands Call)
    Ireland, Ireland
    A Rubbish Rugby Team
    It’s Over, All Over
    The Irish World Cup Dream
    Ok so not very constructive but I doubt Eddie reads Slugger for tips on his management, tactics and team selection.

  • For one reason or another I went to see Ulster Women’s Rugby team play Leinster on Saturday. They were expected to be beaten badly but put up a spirited performance and the standard was really quite watchable.