“We`ve spent the summer preparing..”

As I was saying, Ireland to face Georgia, and it’s close to kick-off time. Earlier today New Zealand dealt mercilessly with Portugal who to their credit played bravely throughout, despte the scoreline. And Wales ruffled the Aussies but paid the price for a poor first half performance. So pour yourself a stiff drink and settle in for the evening.. it could be a bumpy ride.

“We`ve spent the summer preparing but not playing rugby.”

Well it’s time to start playing now. Hopefully we’ll be singing later. Half-time Ireland 7 Georgia 3 And it’s been very bumpy so far.. Final Score Ireland 14 Georgia 10. So Ireland get the win, but no bonus point. As the commentator said “The bigger men and the bigger hearts have been Georgian tonight.” That’s probably not as surprising as it might seem. Ireland, unlike Georgia, had everything to lose.. but there was an absence of poise, hunger, and technique that will have Argentina and France looking forward to their games against Ireland. Adds And an absence of an effective game-plan.